Stress, Sights and Shingles.

The last time I updated on my life, I had a lot of work to be done, and a exam to revise for. I did manage to get through it all; however, it seems that in doing so, I actually did myself in. Indeed, at some point during revision week, I started having acute pains in my right shoulder, which only seemed to get worse as the week went on. I thought initially, that I had just strained a muscle from leaning over my desk. It seems that it was not just a muscle strain but the beginning of shingles. That said, at the end of that week the pain had begun to subside so I didn’t bother to get it checked.

In the mean time, I started working quite a bit more at my part time job– I have got three weeks in Melbourne before I head off to NZ with not much else to do with myself, so earning some money makes logical sense. This obviously further stressed me out, on top of the stress the uni work had caused and probably didn’t help much.

Anyway, to go on a slight tangent, I took Friday off last week to go and visit the Dandenongs with my mates Alice and Ross ( I was progressively getting ill, although I didn’t feel it at this point). On Friday, I had developed a cluster of spots on my right shoulder that looked like a collection of Mozzy bites- in the shape of a backwards 3, again, I thought nothing on it. Friday, in contrast to the last two weeks, was a great day. Ross and I got coffee in the morning (Alice joined us a bit later as she had to get over her hangover from a heavy evening the night before). We then headed off to hike/walk the 1000 steps which is meant to symbolise the walk across the Papuan New Guinean Highlands carried out by Australian and Papuan soldiers in the Second World War. It was lovely to get out of the city, on such a beautiful day as well. Once we had finished the hike, we headed to a quaint little town for some late lunch. After this, we drove up to the top of Mount Dandenong to get a view over Melbourne, the bay, and surrounding Yarra Valleys. We mulled around admiring the view, got a few pictures before heading back to Ross’s for dinner. Ross, I must say, cooks a mean veggie Thai green curry. It was probably the spicest dish I have ever eaten, and took me a good hour to finish, but irrespective, it was delicious.

I bid farewell to Ross and Alice early that evening and headed back to Caulfield. Again, at this point, I was feeling right as rain. However, I woke up on Saturday morning feeling pretty groggy and a bit shit really. To be honest, it felt like someone was stabbing my shoulder repeatedly with lots of tiny needles. I tried to power through it and went to work that afternoon. Nevertheless, towards the end of my shift, I was feeling very uncomfortable, and when I got home I decided to phone the National Home Doctor Service (which is basically a GP that comes to your house if the GP is shut). It was at this time about 11pm on Saturday night and the wait time was 3 hrs. By the time, the doctor turned up at it was about 1:15am Sunday morning. However, I must have drifted into a sleep state, and I missed the call by about a minute. Indeed, by the time I got to the door the doctor had already left. I decided to wait to the morning and phone again. So Sunday morning, I reorganised with the service but this time the doctor turned up and was able to diagnose me. So my current state:  I have shingles, which as I have found out, is effectively  a reactivation of the Chicken Pox virus in Adults. I was informed that I am contagious and need to stay away from people until the blisters go away. So I now have to be a recluse for the week.

Ye that’s my life at the moment. I’m currently taking some anti-virals and aspirin to reduce the pain and begin the healing process. It will be about a week before I am back to normal, so I am just going to take it easy and chill. It’s a shame that I can’t work, as the extra money would have been nice for New Zealand. O well. Things could be worse.

Right, I am signing off here.

Hope everything is good with everyone at home. Much love all.




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