An Open Letter to my American Friends.

I get it, I really do.

Everything ‘the Donald’ does, says and is, is very entertaining. I mean the man made it in show business for a reason. He is fascinating to watch. In fact, for the last year and a bit I have been unable to tear my eyes and attention away from him, from every utterance that comes out of his goddamn mouth. Every morsel of news about him, I eat it up, partly because I am a news junkie but partly because everything he says is designed to grab my attention, to shift me away from whatever important thing I should be doing an instead. Irrespective, it forces me to listen to his xenophobic, bigoted, know nothingness and at the very least acknowledge it.

All that said, this is a plea. I have met many interesting and truly lovely people in my visits to the United States over the years. I must state that I find America enthralling. However, a large part of that attraction was based on the fundamental things that America and its people stood for. I love that the nation is defined by notions of liberty, justice and equality under the law. That being said, I have not studied the country in depth, and I do not profess to understand all of its faults. I know that it is fundamentally flawed as all countries are. That it has serious issues, emanating from the white majorities ineffective and frankly, shamefully abysmal attempts to improve the livelihoods of the countries minority groups. I know that it has a shocking policy of treating African Americans without respect leading to summary killings by the police on the basis of skin colour.

That America can be redeemed. It is still a country under the rule of law and defined by its democracy. A Trump Presidency on the other hand, would be a step into the abyss.It would represent a shift towards something far more dangerous; an illiberalism defined by xenophobia and isolationism. My own country has already taken such a step, the Brexit vote is indicative of a majority disillusioned with the political class. However, my country does not matter much anymore. The United States, on the other hand, is the world superpower, and it encapsulates within its remit the lives of every human being on earth despite the fact that it is not global sovereign. It’s President is the most important and powerful individual on the planet. If the American people are to elect a man of Trump’s character and ignorance to that great and esteemed office, the world and the West more specifically will have moved towards oblivion. I mean this both literally and figuratively. President Trump will have his hands on nuclear codes with the capacity to destroy all humanity. Knowing all that, and the temperament of Mr Trump, how can anyone willing trust ‘the Donald’ with the future of the planet?


A Concerned Brit.




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