Voicemail: a short story

So there I was trying to find somewhere to live. Cora, a friend from Leeds, kindly said she would put me in touch with her landlord, so I asked as one would via text for his number. However Cora in error accidentally sent me my own number. At this point two weeks into my time in Australia, I must have either gone brain dead or just not looked. I promptly called myself and obviously it went to voicemail. At this point I should probably have realised something was wrong but instead decided to leave myself a message. It went something like this.

”hi Josh my name is also Josh, would it be possible to book a viewing for the house tomorrow, I am free all day, many thanks and looking forward to you getting back to me” 

Obviously at this point Cora has realised she sent me the wrong number and texted me the right number. I was however still on the on phone to myself. 

So yes that happened. I left myself a message on voicemail as any successfully functioning adult human being would and didn’t realise. 

Right that’s a short Sunday morning throwback. Enjoy 


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