Monash: Week’s 1 + 2

Right, I have been at Monash now for the best part of two weeks and feel like you guys need some sort of update on what I have been doing with my life.

So Uni in Australia. Firstly, Monash Clayton is miles from literally everything (its like if you located a uni in the middle of Elstree and said it was located in London, it would simply not be true). Transport wise, I have to get a tram and a free shuttle bus to get there (or a tram, train and then a bus), and there is nothing around. Its in the centre of Australian suburbia, which basically means its a highly boring place with nothing going on. Honestly, it makes sense why people that go to Warwick (looking at you Zac) come here on exchange in abundance, its like they never left home.That said, the campus is a weird mix of modern buildings, ongoing development and concrete monstrosities. Its basically the same as Leeds in that respect. Its  massive and I have no idea where I am going still.

Similarly, the standard of teaching here varies massively. I have some pretty interesting lectures, and some boring ones. Seminars are also lectures, and tutorials are mass seminars. We aren’t allocated a tutor like in the UK, and the academic level is probably not equivalent to Leeds. Nevertheless, I do feel like there is more of an interactive nature about uni than Leeds, probably because people aren’t reserved and British and therefore scared to speak their mind. It’s quite eye opening.

Work wise, my job is basically a kitchen hand and its tough but I am getting used to it and starting to stress less. Lets hope I adapt quickly.

In terms of excursions, I have been to see an AFL game courtesy of the Parasols. Unfortunately, Essendon, the team they support were found to be doping on an industrial scale, as such half their team are suspended this season. This meant that their team are bottom of the ladder (table) and are likely to win the wooden spoon. I mean, they were beaten by Brisbane, who I am told are the worst team in the league, and even then it was a systematic dismantling of epic proportions. However, the Etihad stadium is cool, and I do want to watch more.

Perhaps, the most interesting thing I have done in the last week or so, was go with Isobel (Kate Prinsely’s daughter) and her friend Louis ( as well as Benji) to the Melbourne Open House last Sunday, where all the Melbourne buildings which are shut to the public for the rest of the year are open for a weekend. As both Isobel and Louis are architecture students, Benji and I were definitely in good hands. We visited, a variety of buildings including the Royal Mint, where Benji tried to suss out the price of gold and how much he could steal, the Law Courts where Louis decided to play a member of the Jury and a really cool little lunch place (along one of Melbourne’s famous Laneways) where I got a fantastic haloumi bagel. Would definitely recommend getting lunch there if you have the chance( it’s called Hells Kitchen).

Moreover, I have been to a few other families for Friday night dinners and Saturday lunches. I would like to thank the Phillips and Ben-Moshe families for some great food and making me feel at home in Melbourne.

Hope everyone back in the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying their summers.

Have to sign off here, toodaloo.



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