I finally found somewhere to live.

After all the melodrama of the last three weeks, I am no longer cooped up in a hostel but have a place. It’s a little further from the city than I would have liked but hey it does the job and is pretty nice. It’s close to uni and opposite a lovely park which I have yet to run around, but you know, I will. 

To be honest, it’s nice to finally be settled and have a decent bed to sleep in. It’s in a place called Caulfield North, which as I have quickly found out is the Melbourne equivalent of Golders Green. It’s just like home and very typical. 

Anyway, I have been on the job hunt and have a trial shift this coming Tuesday so let’s hope that goes well. Otherwise, I have been getting stuff together for uni which starts Monday and catching up with new and old friends at some cool bars. 

The one thing that stands out from this past week has been how quickly life becomes normal in a new place. Obviously there are elements of discovery, as this city is a massive low density urban sprawl but  the pace of life has definitely slowed.

Finally, I would like to thank Leora, Kate, and Rochelle all of whom have fed me some great and I must say nutritious dinners ( compared to what I have been eating otherwise) as well as helping me with the housing market and moving in over the last week. 

Alright signing off. Have a great week ahead everyone.


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