A Guide to Melbourne House Hunting.

Well then, I have been in Melbourne for a week now and it has been an experience to say the least.

The majority of my time has been taken up with the task of finding somewhere to live and that has been…well, fruitless. On top of that, I have also been dealing with the long term effects of jet lag and of course the fun of snoring roommates ( including three Malaysian tourists- who somehow managed to snore in unison, it is quite an amazing skill really, and a Kiwi who sounded like a slowly dying whale). However, none of this should take away from the fact that Melbourne is such a cool city, as in, so cool.

That said, my house hunting travails have shown me that renting in this city, is a game of pot luck and good research, which is not such a great combination. For one, because the demand is so great, and the city is so cool, finding two private rooms at a reasonable price is difficult. That’s not to say its impossible, I do believe I will find somewhere, but that it requires continually looking at properties that either don’t meet the standards you want or are just that little bit out of your price range.

Anywho, onto the funny house hunting experiences summarised quickly.

1.The Tale of the Hindu Landlord with a Jewish Wife, a Russian Jewish Mistress and a Rwandan Girlfriend.

Key Take Away Point: Don’t trust landlords that lie to their wives.

2. The Underhand Landlord.

Key Take Away Point: Don’t sign for a property where you don’t sign a lease and its a handshake agreement.

3. The Shit Ones.

Shout out: To Dave in St Kilda, the ‘diverse birds’ of St Kilda East (having actually seen what that means, I would stay well away from that property in future) and the ultra expensive ones out of my price range.

Right this is me signing off.




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