This Time Tomorrow.

I can’t quite believe that I am about to go and live on the other side of the world for a year. I haven’t yet processed it and I don’t think I will until I land in Hong Kong at 2 o’clock Friday afternoon. Tomorrow therefore signals the start of a year long adventure. This blog will form the basis of my thoughts whilst I am away, so stay tuned.

However, before I go,  I would just like to say to all my friends and family (who I am sure will be keenly following the blog whilst I am away) that I will miss you guys a hell of a lot. I will attempt to skype home and message as much as I can, and until I manage to get hold of an Australian sim I am contactable on whatsapp and facebook as usual ( only when I have wifi, sorry). I am also aware that whilst I am away,  many of you will be, graduating, getting jobs, celebrating 21st birthdays. I wish you all good luck in your endeavors and am very sad to miss the celebrations.

Alright, I must get some sleep in my bed for the last time for a while. See you all on the other side.




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