Brexit: A Hypocrite’s Apology


Of all the things I have felt about the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union, perhaps the greatest has been shame. Shame, for the decision itself but, more importantly, personal shame for my lack of effort to campaign for a cause now lost.

While this country hurtled towards economic abyss, political dissolution and instability, I cocooned myself in the social media echo chamber. Oh the irony ! I believed naively that the remain campaign would win, not comfortably, but enough to resolve the issue. This while never really putting any effort into actually helping to achieve that result; not a phone call made, not a single door knocked on. Sure, one could argue that as an individual my influence would have been negligible, after all, the referendum was won by over a million votes. Nevertheless, I did not once feel it necessary to campaign, instead prioritising my own life . Indeed, my local electoral district voted to leave by a tiny margin of just 0.8%.

What a fool I was. I should have known that nothing in politics comes easy and that if you want something badly you have to fight for it. I know I sound pathetic, but this is a very raw response to an important lesson I learned on Friday. Never again will I sit back idly and allow politics to sweep by me. While I expressed my democratic right to vote, this engagement was but tentative. Now, burning with anger, indignation however you want to describe it I must accept fault and work actively to make the best of a bad situation.




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